Mainely Rat Rescue has partnered
with unBAKED Pet Blends
because all pets love a homemade treat!

We know that outstanding pet treats start with a quality mix of ingredients.
We use 100% natural, vegan ingredients that you could eat yourself.
We do not use any artificial preservatives or chemical additives.
We have treat mixes that are perfect for any size pet.*

UnBAKED Pet Blends
No Bake Blends

A quick way to whip up  treats for your pet that do not need to be baked before being eaten.
UnBAKED Pet Blends
Bake at Home Blends

The ingredients are already mixed together for a fast and easy way to bake pet treats.
unBAKED pet Blends
Create Your Own Blend

You choose the ingredients that you want to include in the treats you make for your pet.
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