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Our business was initially designed for animal owners whose pets had special needs concerning the foods they eat.

For our family, buying treats right off the shelf wasn't an option. We had to have thoughtful ingredients to fit the needs of a senior dog, and a dog with food allergies. We know that every single ingredient we feed our pets can make a difference in their quality of life. It only makes sense to create your own specific ingredient blend if you have a pet with special dietary needs.

Not every pet requires specific dietary variations, so we recently expanded our line of treat mixes, in order to share the ease and convenience of giving all pets a nutritious, homemade treat.

We now offer pre-mixed pet blends. We have No-Bake treat mixes, and treat mixes that you Bake at Home yourself. Of course, we still offer our signature option to Create Your Own mix for those who want a more customized experience for their pet.

Whether you choose to create your own blend, or buy one of our pre-mixed blends, the process of creating these amazing treats is simple. Even if you have never made anything homemade before now, it’s hard to go wrong using one of our unBAKED Pet Blends.

No matter what kind or what size of pet you have, just think how happy they will be when you give them a homemade treat made especially for them, with love from you.
We guarantee they’ll be impressed by your treat making skills!

Like your pet, ours are part of the family, and it's important for us to provide them with the right foods that will have a positive and sustainable impact on their overall well-being.
We look forward to helping you choose the ingredient mix that is best for you and your pet's needs and likes.

**UnBaked Pet Blends is a family owned business, and as such, we are committed to sourcing quality ingredients from other family owned and employee owned companies in the USA**

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